Private Portfolio Management Service

Aura Portfolio Management A.Ş. offers a tailored Private Portfolio Management service designed to help individual and institutional investors achieve their financial goals. The service we provide focuses on developing and implementing personalized investment strategies, taking into account the unique risk tolerance, investment objectives, and investment horizon of each client. Our company, offering Private Portfolio Management service, aims to provide our clients with a privileged investment experience. Recognizing that each client's financial situation and goals are different, our approach is personalized. We offer our clients investment strategies tailored to their needs, carefully crafted based on their risk and return expectations. Your portfolio is actively managed in response to market conditions and the changing needs of our clients. This allows us to maximize investment opportunities while minimizing risks. Our expert teams closely monitor market trends and work diligently to optimize our clients' portfolios. We provide regular reports to our clients on the performance of their investments. These reports include detailed information on the composition of your portfolio, the returns achieved, and the transactions executed. Portfolio structures can be flexibly adjusted to accommodate our clients' changing needs. Our investors can restructure their portfolios based on changes in investment objectives or financial circumstances. We, Aura Portfolio Management A.Ş., are here to help our clients reach their financial goals. We would be delighted to accompany you on your journey with the most suitable investment strategies tailored to your needs.

Expert Guidance

With expert guidance, you can reach your investment goals more easily.

Personalized Portfolio

You can keep your risks under control thanks to a customized portfolio.

Time Saving

By saving time, you don't have to take care of your portfolio.

Wide Investment Range

You can earn more with a wide range of investments.

Active Portfolio Management

You can minimize your risks with active portfolio management

Risk Management

We ensure the security of your investments with our corporate risk management approach.

Long and Short Term Investment

We help you achieve your long and short-term investment goals.

Cash Management

We help you manage your cash assets to ensure high returns.

Special Portfolios

We ensure compliance with your corporate investment policies with specially designed portfolios.

Regular Reporting

We enable you to track the performance of your investments with regular reporting.

Experienced Team Support

We offer you the best service with our experienced and expert team.