Aura Portfolio Management A.Ş is an independent portfolio management company established in 2013 with a license from the Capital Markets Board (CMB) and also operates as a firm that establishes and manages investment funds.

Chairman of the Board Tayfun Bayazıt has been involved in the banking sector since 1983, served as the General Manager and Chairman of the Board at Yapı Kredi Bankası. General Manager İsmail Erdem, on the other hand, has more than 25 years of experience in financial markets and fund management.

Taaleri Wealth Management (Finland), one of the founding partners of our company, is a portfolio management company with a portfolio size of 7.1 billion Euros, standing out in the sector. As a founding shareholder of Aura Portfolio Management Inc., it owns a 19% stake and is represented by 2 members on our Board of Directors.

Number and Size of Portfolio Under Management

(20/05/2024 as of the date)
Gerçek Kişiler 111 871,812,480.770
Tüzel Kişiler 18 905,939,219.010
Kurucu ve Yöneticisi Olunan Yatırım Fonları 10 1,927,667,346.140
TOTAL 139 3,795,419,045.920

Activity Authorization Documents

Faaliyet Yetki Belgesi 25/06/2015 28/682

Partnership Structure

İsmail Erdem 57.72%
Taaleri Investments Ltd. 11.31%
Cem Sultan Karababa 9.96%
Tayfun Bayazıt 8.98%
Arzu Odabaşı 6.25%
Alper Temizer 2.42%
Heikki Juhani ELOMAA 2.23%
Olli Pekka Eklund 1.13%