Monthly Fund Reports

To better understand the performance of our funds and the assets invested in them, check our monthly fund reports. These reports provide information on recent returns and other technical details. Consider this important information before making an investment decision.

Investment Opinions

AURA Portfolio's experts Arzu Odabaşı and İsmail Erdem present their monthly investment perspectives. This information is also shared during our weekly and monthly TV broadcasts. Thanks to the industry leaders, you can make informed and reliable investments with their insights.


The Impact of Moody's Decision on the Stock Exchange and Equity Fund 21 Temmuz 2024

Aura Portföy General Manager Ismail Erdem comments on market developments and answers your questions regarding the funds managed by Aura Portföy, of which he is the founder and manager.

Private Portfolio Management Service

Aura Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş. offers a specialized portfolio management service provided by expert portfolio managers to help you achieve your individual or institutional financial goals. In this service, a portfolio is specifically created for you and actively managed, taking into account your risk profile, investment goals, and time horizon.

Independent Approach

Operating independently from banks and brokerage firms, we make investment decisions impartially and objectively, looking after your best interests.

Expert Guidance

Our portfolio managers with deep knowledge and experience develop investment strategies tailored to your risk profile and investment goals.


We regularly inform you about the performance of your portfolio and the rationale behind our investment decisions.

Wide Investment Opportunities

We provide access to a wide range of investment instruments traded in global markets.

Customized Portfolio

A separate portfolio is created for each investor, and this portfolio is optimized according to your risk profile, investment goals, and time horizon.

Active Management

Your portfolio is actively managed according to market conditions, and risk control is ensured.

How to Invest in our Funds?

Depending on your contact preference, you can initiate your transactions by contacting us via email, request us to call you directly or browse our fund detail page where you can review the details of our funds. All three options are designed to guide you on your investment journey and facilitate your fund purchase process.


Send us an email

Contact us via email to start your fund investment process. Indicate your investment preferences, special requests and any questions you may have. Our professional team will contact you as soon as possible to provide guidance on your fund selection and investment process. We will be waiting for your contact. Make an informed start to your fund investment journey.


Let us call you

You may prefer us to call you directly so that you can manage your investment process comfortably. With the 'Let Us Call You' option, you can share your contact details and receive information about fund purchase. Our investment advisors will be in touch to identify the most suitable fund solutions for you and answer your questions. With our personalized service, we ensure that you take safe steps in your investment decisions.


Fund Detail Page

The Fund Detail Page is ideal if you want quick and comprehensive access to the details of your fund purchase. You can find all kinds of information about the funds you are considering investing in, from performance to management strategies, risk profiles to costs. Make a detailed review and choose the most suitable fund for you among our fund options. The Fund Detail Page helps you make informed decisions.



TEFAS (Turkey Electronic Fund Trading Platform) is a platform where all mutual funds in Turkey can be traded. By using the TEFAS platform, you can easily buy the funds you intend to invest in. First, you need to have an investment account with a brokerage firm that is a member of the TEFAS platform. After creating your account, you can log in to the TEFAS platform and select the funds you intend to invest in. Translated with (free version)

Fund Returns

You can follow the return and price information of our mutual funds here.

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